Structure of IPATH

IPATH is comprised of a core leadership team and three subcommittees that meet regularly to collaborate on cases & projects, provide additional training and raise awareness in our community about human trafficking.  The three subcommittees include: law enforcement, victim services and outreach.

Goals of IPATH

  1. Enhance law enforcement’s ability to identify and rescue victims
  2. Provide resources and training to identify and rescue victims
  3. Ensure comprehensive services are available to victims of human trafficking

Members of IPATH

It would be impossible to include all of the organizations and groups in Indiana that have participated in Task Force events, supported our programs, or who are working to raise awareness about human trafficking across the state.  For more details about participating members, contact us.

Core Leadership Team

IPATH Co-chairs:

  • United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana
  • The Office of the Attorney General

Other members of IPATH include law enforcement from federal, state, and local offices, and victim services organizations.

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