On July 1, 2015, Indiana Code 7.1-3-23-20.5 created under SEA 532 will go into effect. Under this new law, alcohol retailers that provide “adult entertainment” are required to meet certain statutory requirements when it comes to the employment of entertainers and staff. To find materials and more information for your adult entertainment establishment, please click here.

IPATH Outreach Committee:

Join us! To get involved with the Indianapolis community, we invite you to join our outreach team. The next meeting will be on Friday, September 4th at 10am at the Julian Center. For more information please contact: humantraffickinginfo@atg.in.gov.

Purchased Marathon

Totes for Hope

Books needed for IMPACT Program: 

The IMPACT Program could use donated books for their residents. Books need to be in good condition with appropriate content for ages 12-18. To donate please contact: humantraffickinginfo@atg.in.gov. 

Human Trafficking in the news:



#DoesYourHotelKnow the signs of sex trafficking?

If you would like to schedule a free training for your business or organization, please contact: humantraffickinginfo@atg.in.gov.

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